In view of the State Government advisory issued by the HRD (Letter No-397 dated 16/03/2020) all classes will remain suspended from March 17, 2020. Teaching and Non Teaching shall be on duty as usual.
Inter Notice The ‘Health Club’ of the Department of Education, St. Xavier’s College Ranchi organized a One Day Webinar on 27th September 2020. The topic of this webinar was ‘MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF STUDENTS’. Click for read more....

Succession of Rectors and Principals

1 Rector Rev.Fr.Nicholos Kujur, s.j. 1945-1948
2 Rector Rev. Fr. Medard Vermeire, s.j. 1948-1952
3 Rector Rev. Fr. Alphonse Schokaert, s.j. 1952-1958
4 Rector Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Callebaut, s.j. 1958-1963
5 Rector Rev. Fr. Vincent Dierck, s.j. 1963-1966
6 Rector Rev. Fr. George Saupin, s.j. 1966-1968
7 Rector Rev. Fr. Phillip Ekka, s.j. 1968-1972
8 Rector Rev. Fr. Francis Crick, s.j. 1973-1979
9 Rector Rev. Fr. Charles Soreng, s.j. 1979-1985
10 Rector Rev. Fr. Beni Alphonse Ekka, s.j. 1985-1991
11 Rector Rev. Fr. Nicholas Tete, s.j. 1991-1997
12 Rector Rev. Fr. Clement Ekka, s.j. 1998-2003
13 Rector Rev. Fr. Nabor Lakra, s.j. 2003-2009
14 Rector Rev. Fr. Vinod Bilung, s.j. 2009-
15 Principal Rev. Fr. Charles Saldhana, s.j. 1944-1946
16 Principal Rev. Fr. Alphonse Shockaert, s.j. 1946-1958
17 Principal Rev. Fr. Walter Proost, s.j. 1958-1976
18 Principal Rev. Fr. Joseph Van Troy, s.j. 1976-1982
19 Principal Rev. Fr. Louis Francken, s.j. 1982-1986
20 Principal Rev. Fr. William Surin, s.j. 1987-1993
21 Principal Rev. Fr. Gilbert D'Souza, s.j. 1993-2000
22 Principal Rev. Fr. Nicholas Tete, s.j. 2000-
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